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Tips for Forklift Bearing Lubrication

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  • Lubrication is very important for forklifts. It can effectively improve work efficiency, prevent rust and reduce component wear. For a new forklift or a forklift that has stopped working for a long time, within two weeks of starting to use, for the bearings that should be lubricated, when lubricating, use new oil to squeeze all the old oil. And lubricate more than twice, while paying attention to the following points:

  • 1. Before lubrication, the dirt on the oil cap, the oil plug and the nozzle should be removed to prevent the dirt from falling into the mechanism.

  • 2. When injecting lubricant with a grease gun, it should be injected until the parts of each component are combined to extrude the lubricant.

  • 3. Seasonal lubricants (oil, etc.) should be replaced in summer or winter.